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72% discount on your business phone calls

Big discounts on your business telephone bill without any changes


Discounts on BT business UK calls

Line Type

BT Retail Rate

UK Wholesale Rate


Local calls




National calls




Calls to mobiles

10 to 23p


20 to 65%

Your business could be missing out and paying over 3 times too much for every call

BT Retail call rates vary between various different packages and maybe more surprisingly from business to business. Price comparison companies often come across 2 companies next to each another paying completely different prices for their calls.

Not all businesses use BT for their calls although these companies can provide a significant discount over BT Retail rates they are still more expensive than the rates from UK Wholesale and often are based on routing your calls over telephone networks which are a lower grade than the BT network in order to reduce their costs - these are called tier 2 networks.

UK Wholesale reduce your bill without cutting corners and putting you on a tier 2 network or by saving money by cutting down on customer service or outsourcing call centres. Instead the discounts available through the wholesale channel are simply passed on to your business. Most businesses report an improvement in customer service as they have their own UK account manager who deals directly with them and understands their business.

With UK Wholesale you can have discounted call rates no matter which company you may have changed to, so long as they have not physically removed your BT line. If you are unsure how much you are paying for your calls then you can call an advisor on 01618501288 who can help examine a recent bill with you over the phone.

Other methods that companies have used to save money on call charges

In the past people have used pre-fix numbers to help reduce calls - These are a short number that you dial before dialling the number you want to call which routes your call away from the BT network

Sometimes companies have invested in Least Cost Routing equipment which is connected to the business phone system. Others have used boxes that they attach to the phone lines to perform the same task. Basically what these devices do is dial a prefix number to router your calls on to another network.

None of this is necessary with UK Wholesale, no-one has to come to your premises or make changes to your phone system. This is because UK Wholesale generates your bill in the same way as BT Business, we gather the call records at your telephone exchange and bill you at the discounted rates without making any physical changes.

What if I have already agreed a contract that is more expensive

If your contract is with BT business then in most cases you will be allowed to have your cheaper calls with us, but you will still get charged for your line rental by BT. If you think this is the case then speak to an advisor at UK Wholesale.

If you think that you may have a contract with another company then again speak to one of our advisors who will work on your behalf to find out for you what can be done so that you can take advantage of the wholesale discounts.