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Extra Services - Gas, Electric, Mobile

Important ideas that could help give your business the edge

Cheaper Phone Lines and Calls

Imagine if your business phone bill was free for 6 months!
What could your business do with the extra money?

There are big discounts available on your phone bill. Is your business taking full advantage yet?

It might sound "too good to be true" but during the recession there has been some major changes for small businesses.

Many business find they are able to save thousands of pounds but even a small business with just one phone line used for incoming calls can receive £189 in discounts.

Call one of our business advisors today on 01618501288 to see what discounts your business can benefit from.

Always be local to your customers

Recently companies can have telephone numbers from any city in the UK.

This means that your business can be based in wales but still market with a London 0207 telephone number that will ring on your normal business phone lines.

You can also use this for a marketing number so that you can use different numbers for your own city and track which marketting methods are workign for your business based on the volume of calls on each number.

This service costs just £4.99

Business Mobiles

New phones such as Blackberry's make checking your business emails on the move easier than ever.

Better still you might be able to get the latest handsets free of charge or simply reduce your bill.

Call Recording

Recording calls can be very important for some buisnesses such as solicitors or financial companies. Most businesses could benefit from call recording even just for checking what a customer or supplier has said.

IVR - Professional Switchboard

Could your business improve its appearance to its customers by having a professional phone system? It will answer your calls and introduce your company before sending the call to the correct person in your company. Other benefits include music played to your customers whilst on hold and queing calls waiting to be answered.

0800 and advertising numbers for your customers

Did you know that you can have an 0800 number for just £9.99 that rings on your normal company phones.

Could this encourage customers to call your business?


20mb broadband is here and it costs a lot less than you might think. Business grade broadband prioritised your data over normal traffic making your broadband even faster and more responsive.


Business Energy

Energy prices change all of the time, energy companies are very srewd, its worth checking every 12 months that your gas and electricity prices have not increased.

Gas and Electricity providers benefit from businesses that are too busy and roll your business on to higher rates that can be as much as double the current tariffs.

Not only do we check our customers energy bills every 12 months, but we also negotiate a further discounted rates for our customers with all of the major engery suppliers.

In most cases you don't need to change energy provider, as your providers work with us and have agreed discounted rates with UK Wholesale..

Call today and see what we can do for your energy bills.