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60% discount on your business line rental

Big discounts on your business telephone bill without any changes


Discount against BT business line rental based on our £13.99 plan

Line Type

BT Retail Rate

UK Wholesale Rate



£13.99 (63.9 % discount)

ISDN2  (per channel)


£13.99 (63.8 % discount)

ISDN30 (per channel)
£13.99 (60.6 % discount)

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All Prices Exclude VAT

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Small businesses can save over £173.88 every year on line rental

Over the past couple of years we have seen BT business line rental prices steadily increase, depending on the type of line that your business has you could be paying as much as £38.65 per month or £231.90 for a quarters rental on an ISDN2 line.

On ISDN2 lines or Digital lines you can have a 42% discount over what you are currently being charged on your BT Retail bill.

We guarantee to provide our customers with the cheapest business line rental

Analogue or standard PSTN business lines are more common in smaller businesses that may only have 1 line and tend not to have a business phone system. If you check these lines on a recent telephone bill you will see that they are now charged at £38.78 per month or £116.34 per quarter. Some businesses may have a mixture of lines as standard analogue PSTN lines are required for a number of functions including:

  • Broadband
  • PDQ credit card payment machines
  • Paypoint machines
  • National Lottery machines
  • Fax machines
  • Red Care alarm lines

On all PSTN lines there is a 60% discount available.

ISDN30 lines are capable of having between 8-30 lines on each circuit of ISDN30. These are charged per channel/line, the current BT Retail/business charge is £35.53 per channel.

We are able to apply a 60% discount for every channel.

Many people ask what changes take place to get the discount.
The simple answer is that nothing changes, your line continues to be supplied via the BT network and your services continue as normal and should you have a fault BT Openreach continue to prioritize business customers as normal.

UK Wholesale print your wholesale bill and apply the discounts, in addition to this you are also given a wholesale account manager who will be a single point of contact to help your business with any problems and to help advise you as your business grows.