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Cheapest Business Line Rental - Pay up front

£7.99 business line rental, guranteed to be the cheapest in the UK

Save over £93 on your business line rental

Line Type

BT Retail Rate

UK Wholesale Rate



£7.99 (52% discount)

ISDN2  (2 channels)


£15.98 (57% discount)
ISDN30 (per channel)
Find out about our ISDN30 offers
£10.49 (43% discount)

Guaranteed to be the best value line rental for business

More than ever businesses are being cost conscious and looking at what they get for their money. With our £7.99 line rental nothing changes from your current setup, its still BT Openreach that provide the line and look after the line. We simply collect your bill at the discounted rates and pass these savings over to your business. The £7.99 line rental is based on you paying for your first 12 months line rental up front, this is just £95.88 + VAT for the entire year. If you don't wan't to pay up front then the line rental is still a lot cheaper than everyone else but its £9.99 line rental instead of £7.99.

The payment is only taken on the day your line goes live with us, we notify your current provider at least 14 days before the line actually transfers over. Should your current provider have any objections in the first month that you are with us you can transfer back to them and we will refund the remaining 11 months line rental.

You can take any of our inclusive call packages with our £7.99 line rental, our lowest user package gives you 60 minutes of inclusive calls per month for just £1. Higher users can take advantage of our 600 minute plan which costs just £4.99 which also includes 100 minutes of calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers per month in addition to local and national numbers anywhere in the UK.

What happens if I don't want to make any calls on this telephone line?
To take advantage of our £7.99 pre-pay you do need to take the minimum of our £1 call package which would make your total bill £8.99 even if you dont use the included calls. The £1 call package does not need to be paid for upfront and can be taken as a monthly payment.
Alternatively our standard £9.99 line rental does not require you to have a call package and can be paid on a monthly basis.

Need a new business line installing?
Take a look at our new line installation offers

What if I have an ISDN2
ISDN2 is prices in pairs of lines, with us it costs £7.99 per channel. As ISDN2 lines are in pairs we quote the price for both line which is £15.98. Most other phone companies charge a lot more for ISDN2 line rental, we just charge the same as a standard business line to help keep your costs down.
If you have ISDN30 which has 8 lines or more take a look at our ISDN 30 offers, if you have high call usage on an ISDN2 you may also like to take a look at the ISDN30 call plans as we can also do these on ISDN2 lines.

Why should my business choose cheaper line rental?

  • 49% to 54% discount on your line rental bill
  • Your phone number and all services stay the same
  • We notify your current provider - No hassle
  • BT Openreach will still look after your line should you have a fault
  • Openreach care level upgraded to level 2 - FREE OF CHARGE
  • Cheaper calls, reduced to 1ppm or £4.99 for an Inclusive Calls Package
  • No hidden extras


Price guarantee
If any other provider offers you business line rental for less we guarantee to beat their cheapest deal by 20% of the difference.

Add our inclusive local and national call package for just £4.99 or pay as little as 1p for local and national calls and just 8p to all 5 mobile networks.