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Leased Lines

EFM - Ethernet First Mile, Fibre, point to point, site to site

For up to date pricing call 01618501288 and we can calculate a cost based on the distance between your site and the exchange or between your 2 end points.

Leased lines can be used to link 2 sites together or to link a site to the telephone exchagne to provide a much faster internet connection.

The bearer technology used to provide the line can be either fibre or ethernet first mile (EFM)
Bearer speeds offered are 10 Mbit/s , 100 Mbit/s , and 1Gbit/s

We offer 1:1 contention or 5:1 contention depending on your requirements

Our solutions also offer PSTN/ADSL failover giving you added backup in addition to resiliance options.

We are also able to offer free installations on all types of leased line.

Leased lines are ideal for multi site offices which need a high speed connetion linking them together, cloud based applications, high speed dedicated internet connections.

Leased lines are also very popular for call centres requring a high qaulity data line for voip or SIP trunks.