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Priority Fast Track Business Phone Line Installation

Quicker install dates for business lines on the BT Openreach Network

We can help get your business telephone line installed quicker !
If we can successfully fast track your telephone line order it will be installed within 20 days of your order with us.

BT Openreach engineer appointments are very poor in a lot of places around the UK - we are helping businesses with this problem

Unlike BT and a lot of other telecoms companies we only look after businesses, because of this we are able to help your business in exceptional circumstances such as what a lot of companies are experiencing now when waiting for new telephone lines to be installed.

If you are waiting for an installation why not see if we can help by Fast Tracking?

We only work with businesses and will only Fast Track business telephone lines but can Fast Track a line within your home if its for business use.

How it works
You need to place an order with us and enter in to an agreement for a new installation, within 24 hours we will normally get an installation date back from Openreach. If this appointment is further than 20 days away we can then Fast Track your order. It normally takes 2 working days before we can then give you the feedback on the new installation date and if your Fast Track was successful. If the appointment for your engineer visit is not within 20 days or your are not happy with the date we are able to get then you can cancel your order with us at no charge up to 5 days before your installation is due to take place.

Will the Fast Track always be successful?
No, there is no guarantee, but if we are unable to move the installation appointment you can cancel with us so long as it is more than 5 days before your installation is due to take place. We wont charge you and will refund any money we have taken for the installation.

Will it really be quicker than a date I have already been given from BT or another provider?
Just like BT and other providers we know that the appointment dates given for new line installations are poor, we see these poor dates as well and originally your order with us will be given a similar date as with any other provider that you may have tried, the diffreence with UK Wholesale Direct is that we then Fast Track your order, we have seen Fast Tracks taking as much as 7 weeks off installation times!.

Can I still have a FREE line installation when I Fast Track?
No, you will need to pay £49 towards your installation, if we find that you dont need to Fast Track your order because the date that we get for the appointment is already good then we will refund your charge, however if we do have to Fast Track then it will cost £49 for your installation.

Email our Fast Track team: [email protected]
or call our main office on 01618501288 between 9am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday

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